Smok Pen – Overview

Smok Pen – Overview

The Smok Pen is really a new kind of electronic pen. It was inspired by the design of a pen called the Swisher that was found in a Swedish restaurant. Once you hold the pen, it looks like a Swisher which is why Smok Pens is known as as such. For the reason that of its resemblance to the pen, which can be found in the restaurants.

A whole lot has been said concerning the quality of the product and most people agree that it does produce the type of taste that certain would expect from the Vapes Pen. The brand has been built by Korean Components and the device has a built-in coil system. The coil system that the pen uses includes a higher resistance than that of other pens. This ensures that there is absolutely no leakage and that the vapor is inhaled with ease. In addition, the built-in coil system includes a built-in cooling fan which minimizes the volume of heat that’s generated. The temperature of the Vapes Pen is comfortable for prolonged usage.

The coils in the Smok Pen have already been treated to prevent tarnishing and to ensure that the color remains for a longer period of time. You will find a USB charging cable that comes along with the pen which can be used to plug in the USB battery that’s given it. The USB charging cable makes it possible to utilize the pen even on a dry surface. That is an added advantage since almost every other pens cannot charge up as the user is smoking.

The Smok Pen includes a powerful heating element built-in which allows you to get yourself a satisfying warm vapor each and every time you write. The fire button of the pen is located at the top centre of the barrel. You can press and hold this button to set the temperature of the airflow. The temperature could be increased by holding the button down for some time. You can then increase the temperature to the extent that you desire.

Among the latest developments in the field of electronic cigarettes may be the pen which is popularly referred to as the Smok Plus. The smok vapers have become different from the standard pen and are considered by many vapers to be a better alternative. They are larger than their regular counterparts. This is because they are designed to house a higher quantity of water in it, which ensures that the vapor that is produced has a much better taste and odor.

The entire design and appearance of the Smok pen are such that it looks like a pen on a cartridge. The pen is completely water proof and will not leak liquid onto any surface when it is in use. The heat source of the unit is powered by a 1600mah high capacity battery. It is the same battery found in the mighty vaporooters of the planet. It is therefore important that you purchase a good quality product. You must make sure that the product has a warranty period of at the very least a year and is made from quality material.

Your body of the book vaporizer is quite compact and is made out of rubber. You will find this to be a very comfortable item to hold. It comes with an included magnetic charger and will work well with any type of electric device. The Smok Plus has two settings namely, the cool sensation setting and the warming sensation setting. These are both variable and may be adjusted individually in accordance with your requirements.

The build quality of the pen is fairly good. There is no creaking or grinding noises heard whenever the tank is being inflated or deflated. You will also note that the overall weight is quite lightweight even though the weight of the unit is higher than the common pen. This is because your body and its components are created out of high quality materials.